History of Yamaha Musical Instruments

Published: 12th July 2009
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Yamaha founder, Torakusu Yamaha, began producing reed organs in 1887. Since that time, Yamaha has developed and manufactured high quality Yamaha musical instruments to high worldwide acclaim.

The actual corporation of Yamaha was established in 1897 under the name Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. Yamaha has accumulated a wealth of expertise in the production of Yamaha musical instruments for more than 100 years. The company relentlessly follows its mission which is: contributing to a richer life for all, via innovative, quality products and technology which is a de facto standard.

Since 1900, when Yamaha musical instruments first began to manufacture pianos, the company has created a full line of quality pianos that have won the trust and support of dealers and customers around the world. In 1991, Yamaha's piano production passed the five million mark.

In 1986 Yamaha developed the Disklavier piano, a combination of acoustic piano and electronic technology. In 1993, the epoch-making Silent Series Piano debuted, acoustic pianos capable of playing in complete silence. Yamaha is making efforts to create new demand in the piano market.

Yamaha developed an educational Music System back in 1954. In 1966, the Yamaha Music Foundation was established, generating a wide range of global activities designed to disseminate music. Over 800,000 students are currently enrolled in Yamaha Music Schools in Japan and in over 40 countries worldwide; over four million have graduated.

Yamaha's Junior Original Concert (JOC) program sets the stage for those educated at Yamaha Music School to perform their original compositions.

Since the development of the electronic organ, Electone, Yamaha musical instruments has produced products with its state-of-the art electronic technology, seeking tonal color and musical expression that appeal to the human mind. The myriad advances in this technology are reflected in electronic piano, portable keyboards, synthesizers, computer music equipment and professional audio (PA) equipment.

Yamaha Wind Instruments have been created in partnership with some of the world's greatest artists, and can be found in almost every major symphony orchestra. In addition, a large number of top jazz and studio musicians have chosen Yamaha musical instruments. Besides woodwinds and brass, Yamaha's percussion -- including keyboard percussion, timpani and a full range of drums -- and guitars, have had a major impact on raising the standards of such instruments, and thus have earned an enviable reputation among leading professional musicians.

Yamaha's long-standing commitment to superior instrument sound quality is evident in its audio products. Successful advances in LSIs, acoustics and materials continue to win critical acclaim for Yamaha Audio components.

Portable keyboards "Portatone" was launched in 1981.Yamaha's Protatone can be played and enjoyed by anyone. This is the instrument that brings music to all.

Clavinova was launched in 1983. Current Clavinova models, CLP series digital piano is another popular Yamaha innovation that offers effortless playing with the timbre and touch of a full-scale piano, The upgraded CVP series provides a variety of additional features and is enhanced by an array of Yahama musical instrument sounds so the player can experience the sensation of performing with an orchestra or band.

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